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Want to know what else you need besides Family + Farming?

Hi, I'm Loshni Manikam, author of The Rural Women Dilemma and creator of the PHEMS GUIDE where I share what we all need in order to thrive. Because it's hard to figure that out for yourself when it's been so long since you've thought about your needs, right?

In this guide you will find an explanation of the PHEMS Model of Human Needs, as well as the 4-question exercise I use with coaching clients to help them start doing more for themselves.

I hope that this GUIDE will give you the information and confidence to take steps towards meeting all your needs, so that you can thrive while still being the loving, supportive mum, partner and farming woman you want to be.

Because I know that when you thrive, everyone around you benefits!

Loshni Manikam is a farming mum, coach, facilitator, the author of "The Rural Women Dilemma", and the New Zealand Dairy Woman of the year 2018.

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