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Are you Thriving ... or just surviving?

You're a rural woman who has ticked all the boxes and (hopefully) got everything you thought you wanted: a loving partner, a wonderful family and a life in the stunning countryside.  You love your family and farming business, and you should be so HAPPY - after all, you're living most people's vision of happily-ever-after, right? So why do you sometimes find yourself wondering if its possible to have something more for YOURSELF? Why does it sometimes feel like you're just treading water, stuck in a constant cycle of looking after your kids, your house, your farming business, your partner, your job, your community? Why do you sometimes find yourself pausing in the middle of it all, asking yourself: 

"Is this it for the rest of my life? Is this all that I get to be, do and have?"

Thriving Farming Women is for you if you feel STUCK: you want more, but you’re not sure how to go about getting it without jeopardising your core priorities: your family and your farming business.


We provide the support to help you manage the invisible blocks that get in your way when you start thinking about having MORE – the blocks that you don’t even know exist, which is why it’s so hard to overcome them. The awareness and tools Thriving Farming Women offers will help you adjust your mindset and perspective and open you up to welcoming more into your life without all the overwhelm - or guilt!

The Rural Women Dilemma

In her first book, coach and facilitator Loshni Manikam helps you take the first step to doing more for you, while still being a supportive mum, wife and farming partner. She shares her story of struggle and the voices of other rural women to help you see that you are not alone. This book is an honest, warm acknowledgment of many rural women's experience ... that we don't talk about.

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The PHEMS Guide

 Ever wondered what else you need to be truly happy and thrive ... besides your FAMILY and FARMING BUSINESS? This 11-page PHEMS Guide helps you answer that question - because it's hard to figure that out when you have spent so long focusing on being a good mum, wife and farming partner, isn't it? The PHEMS Guide is a perfect companion to the Rural Women Dilemma Book, and its completely free!

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Online Community

Find your people in our growing online community of Thriving Farming Women.  Living rurally can be isolating, and often our friends from other walks of life don't completely understand the challenges that come with our lifestyles.  Connect with other women who share your story in our inspiring and nurturing online community.  Join the movement today and become a Thriving Farming Woman!

Find Your People

Listen to Loshni talk about the importance of rural women, and the challenges we face.

Dairy NZ: Talking Dairy Episode 26

Rural women make up half of our sector, so why aren’t we talking much about their wellbeing too? Is it because we think they’re doing well? Loshni says that’s not the case – many rural women are indeed struggling. So, what kinds of challenges are women facing, why don’t we hear much about it, and how does it affect us all - farming men, families, farm teams, communities, workplaces and our sector?

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Rural Women: Black Heels and Tractor Wheels

Loshni talks about the courage it takes to move halfway around the world and then move cross country, with a one-year-old and a three-year-old in tow. She discusses both the fulfilling and frustrating aspects of motherhood, as well as finding your own identity. Her passion is bringing out the best in rural women and her days are spent advocating for rural women and activating the next generation of leaders.

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Access To Inspiration: episode 7

What if farming + family does not add up to full happiness? Loshni Manikam, leadership coach and winner of Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year in 2018 talks to Sue Stockdale about how she helps women to thrive in New Zealand’s dairy industry. She shares her story of why she transitioned from dairy farming to coaching rural women on their leadership or personal development journey.

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Loshni Manikam (Fonterra Dairy Woman Of The Year 2018)

Loshni is a coach, facilitator and rural women advocate who is passionate about helping you understand that:

1) You are not alone; you are not the only farming woman who wants more for herself, besides her family and farming business.

2) Theres nothing wrong with you for wanting more - its a normal human drive to want to meet ALL our needs.

3) It IS possible to have more for yourself, while still being a loving mum and partner - because when you thrive, everyone around you benefits!

Find out more about Loshni.

Some of the organisations that Loshni has worked with:

"Loved your honesty Loshni. Life is precious and we do have choices. Thank you very much for the inspiration."

Workshop Attendee

"You are in my head! Fascinated to know that I'm not alone! Thank you, this is just what I needed! "

Workshop Attendee

"I look forward to this being offered to more rural women... it's definitely very valuable."

Workshop Attendee

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