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Thriving Farming Women is the perfect space for you if you are a farming woman who loves her family and farming business, but sometimes wonders if it’s possible to have something more for yourself while still being a loving, supportive mum, wife and farming partner. Thriving Farming Women is for you if you feel STUCK: you want more, but you’re not sure how to go about getting it without jeopardising your core priorities: your family and your farming business.

I’m Loshni Manikam, a mum, a wife and a farming partner.  And I know this is how so many women in farming feel because this is exactly how I was living my life a decade ago. I was stuck in the cycle of: "My life is great; ...  this is fine; ... wait, is this it? … But I want more...  I can't have more   …  My life is great ..." Over and over again until one day I finally realised that my life was going to keep on passing in that same frustrating cycle unless I did something about it.

I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I committed to a journey of personal growth that has given me the tools and skills to break out of that cycle and offer my life and my family the most present and loving version of myself that I can.  Over the past 7 years I have shared these tools with farming women from around New Zealand through coaching sessions and workshops, and was recognised with the title of Fonterra Dairy Woman of the year in 2018. This award was the catalyst for me to set-up Thriving Farming Women, a platform intended to help raise Farming Women up and give them the tools they need to truly THRIVE

Loshni has specialised in leadership development in the primary sector because of her conviction that people are the key component of the continued success of the sector – unlocking their potential has benefits for the individuals, their families, their businesses, their communities and the sector.

Loshni’s fascination with human behaviour has seen her career transition from law to dairy farming to leadership coaching and training before setting-up Thriving Farming Women in 2019. Her contributions to the dairy industry have been recognised with the award of Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year 2018.

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